You may download purchased Digital Content only within a limited period through a My Page which becomes available to you when you have registered as a member. After the expiration of the limited period, you may not download purchased Digital Content, and the Company shall not allow you to re-download purchased Digital Content or send the same to you.

You shall, on your own responsibility, download the Digital Content promptly after you purchase the same, and retain and manage the Digital Content.

We shall not be responsible in case you do not, or are unable to, download purchased Digital Content.

The foregoing shall apply in the case where you are unable to download the Digital Content for some reason.
Provided, however, that you may receive from us the Digital Content you have purchased if you notify us by e-mail of that fact together with any information which would identify the purchase of the Digital Content, such as proof of payment by PayPal, details of purchased Digital Content, purchase date and registered e-mail address. Even if you are eventually unable to use the Digital Content so received, the Refund, etc. of purchased Digital Content shall not be acceptable.